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Chez Pine Street Creative Lab, nous soutenons l’actualisation de la mission créative du cœur de chaque individu. Pine Street Creative Lab comprend deux espaces : leAGORA et leATELIER. Les deux espaces sont spécialement conçus pour favoriser l’apprentissage collectif par le biais d’arts et de jeux guidés, d’un véritable partage et de commentaires constructifs.

Ultimately, together and individually, we contribute to the emergence of a more conscious, divine, and creative humanity. Together, we can elevate each other, open our hearts, and reveal the best version of ourselves.


We foresee promises of a new humanity

arising in which each individual and collective

is attuned to their intuition, heart-opening

and divine whispers.

We dream about a new humanity restored to

its original beauty and sense of oneness withnature and one another.

— Debra Duchin

"I've had the honor and pleasure to join many of Roseline's workshops. She is a beautiful being of warmth and light. Roseline is deeply empathetic and has the ability to understand personal stories, uniqueness and what people feel, deep down. She sees, validates and appreciates who we are inside, which makes us feel safe to be more authentic, and expand on our own identity even more fully".

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