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Roseline Koener, founder of the Conscious Creative Lab

                                        As a creative and spiritual educator, Roseline invites individuals to creatively unveil their

                                        original essence by using creative tools, guidelines, and processes. She encourages 

                                        people to listen to and follow their inspirations, intuitions, and deep conscience. She

                                        supports the actualization of each individual’s creative fire, unique gifts, and life mission.

                                        Roseline has developed and facilitated workshops and training programs in the USA,

                                        Canada, Hong Kong, Belgium, and Italy.


As an international artist, Roseline is passionate about the creative process of emergence and the magical powers of colors. For her, colors are like sounds; painting is music.

Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, India, Japan, and Mexico have been great sources of inspiration for their rhythms, sounds, colors, textures, and patterns. Through the blissful practice of Sufi whirling and recently of breathwork, Roseline has opened a new dimension of movement with her brushes and colors. A sense of infinite space in motion has immersed her body, heart, and paintings.

Her paintings have been exhibited in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Sweden.

She is part of Compass of Hope, User Manual for the Human Condition, Dr. Cynthia Clayton  & 44 Visionary Leaders. 2023

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"In college, I really struggled with critiques and confidence. I graduated with a BFA but felt no connection with my creativity and subsequently had a creative block that lasted for nearly thirty years. I took workshops with Roseline and through her gentle and supportive guidance I found my creative voice and am now a confident and productive artist". 

— Patti Robinson, Artist

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